SF Sonic HIKIVO – KF00-036HKP025M Inverter


SF Sonic HIKIVO – KF00-036HKP025M Inverter

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  • Warranty : 24
  • Battery Type : HKP025M
  • AH : -NA-
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The SF pure Sine Wave Home UPS is specially designed with PWM Technology to provide convenience and uninterrupted power to households as well as offices and for any other appliance. The SF range of UPS have the requisite power back-up solution for both domestic and commercial requirements and are available in 2.5 VA, 3.5 VA, 5.2 VA, 7.5 VA and 10 VA variants.

  • ASIC Technology – Increases battery life, minimizes water topping with its complete battery charge management system.
  • The PWM technology – Provides excellent power saving ability.
  • Battery Charging – 2 Nos. Selectable Option: 9A / 13A (Normal/High) assists in manual selection with the sliding switch.
  • Buzzer Alarm – Indicates, if the battery is low with the RED LED alarm.
  • Battery Charging/ Charged/Power ON/OFF Indicators – Indicates added features available with the UPS.
  • Manual Bypass Assists in manual operation with the Toggle Switch.
  • Changeover – shows a faster change over time from UPS to Mains and vice versa.
  • Compact Surface Mount Technology – Reduces PCB size and thus HOME UPS size.

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