Microtek 1200VA Inverter + Amaron 150AH Battery Combo


Microtek 1200VA Inverter + Amaron 150AH Battery Combo

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  • Amaron 150 Ah tall tubular
  • Microtek 1200VA SEBz Sinewave output
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Microtek Inverter

Microtek inverter company presents high quality Intelli pure sine wave UPS and Inverters that protects your Home appliances with Grid quality Power. With Microtek Inverter and UPS you get an advanced solution that never stop during power cuts! It is the perfect solution for you if you are running home appliances, electronic appliances, sensitive machinery, medical equipments.

Microtek inverter is specialized in providing clean and stable power supply to all connected appliances and equipments. Microtek have developed Intelli pure Sine Wave inverter on world’s most advanced technology known as DSP. Microtek inverters delivers quality output with reliable performance at a reasonable price. It ensures quiet, safe & efficient performance.

Amaron Battery

Amaron battery Tall Tubular is very low maintenance battery which is designed for demanding home UPS applications has the distinctive advantage of requiring less topping up from the date of sale. The spines & grids of the battery are casted with innovative alloy and its thick, modified plates ensure long life & greater reliability. Tubular positive plates for excellent corrosion Long service life Up to 40% extra back up resistance & Low rate of self discharge Heavy duty plates with excellent cycle life long life Robust & Stronger, sturdier aesthetically superior PPCP container & attractive packaging Deep cycle design.

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